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Alumni Offices

Moscow Office

University of Idaho Alumni Office - Moscow
Physical location:
1212 Blake Ave.
Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3232
Moscow, ID 83844-3232
(208) 885-6154
(208) 885-6975 (fax)

Boise Office

University of Idaho Alumni Office - Boise
322 E. Front Street, Suite 390
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 364-4030
(208) 364-4084 (fax)

Board Members

Sue Eschen - President
Janice Fletcher - Vice President
Doug Adams - Secretary
Ed McBride
- Treasurer
Jama Sebald
- Past President

Hugh Cooke - Ex-Officio Member

Current Board Members

Class of 2017
Ed McBride
Linda Williams
Dale Gentry
Linda Maxwell Silva

Class of 2016
Janice Fletcher
Doug Adams
Sue Eschen
Joyce Davidson

Class of 2015
Glenda Gardiner
David Walker
Jama Sebald
Mike West/Cynthia Mika

Past Board of Directors

+ Class of 2014
Maureen Taylor-Regan
Cheryl Tribble
Nels Reese
Carolyn Riggs
+ Class of 2013
Jeff Harkins
Patty Houle
Kathleen Johnson
Cheryl Wallace
+ Class of 2012
Cathy Loney
LeNelle McInturff
Ed Michaelson
Doris Williams
+ Class of 2011
Earl Bennett
Patricia Lindquist Hulett
Dave Walker
Maurice Wiese
+ Class of 2010
S. Ghazanfar
Lois Pritchett
Bill Shane
Joe Ulliman
+ Class of 2009
Betty Squires
Bob Carver
Dick Heimsch
Carmen Savage
+ Class of 2008
Carol Grupp
Doug Pals
Dale Ralston
Matt Telin
+ Class of 2007
Dave Adams
Ed Chavez
Kathleen Johnson
Jim Peek
+ Class of 2006
Jerry Adams
Barbara Hisel
Richard Naskali
Judy Wallins
+ Class of 2005
Bill Belknap
Janice Doyle
Karel Stoszek
+ Class of 2004
Judy Chavez
Hugh Homan
Jim Morris
Shirley Newcomb
+ Class of 2003
Denny Naylor
Judy Reisenaur
Larry O'Keeffe
June Kiilsgaard
+ Class of 2002
Terry Armstrong
Betty Gibb
Joyce Presby
Robert Probasco
Phil Mohan
+ Class of 2001
G. W. Bill Klontz
Flip Kleffner
Gen Long
Dick Bull
+ Class of 2000
Gil Corey
Dale Everson
Maurice Johnson
Laura Miller
+ Class of 1999
Peter Haggart
Matt Telin
Dean Vettrus
Agnes Weeks
+ Class of 1998
Ed Chavez
Winifred Dixon
Jean Kaus
Ken Laurence
+ Class of 1997
Don Amos
Geraldine Dacres
Duane LeTourneau
Floyd Peterson
+ Class of 1996
Warren Owens
Hugh McKay
George Roberts
Imogene Rush
Everett Samuelson
+ Class of 1995
Lois Doyle
Norm Logan
Gene Slade
Bill Stellmon
+ Class of 1994
Ann Goff
Walter Kochan
Don Scott
Elmer Stout
+ Class of 1993
Dorothy Guthrie
Glenn Lewis
Elmer Raunio
Frank Young
+ Class of 1992
Arthur Gittins
Melbourne Jackson
Sally Johnson
Victor Montgomery
+ Class of 1991
Bert Cross
Floyd Frank
Roger Harder
Bernice Morin
+ Class of 1990
Elbert Barton
Charlie Horgan
Paul Mann
Rich Warner
+ Class of 1989
John Ikeda
William Parish
Charlie Petersen
Rosemary Shull
+ Class of 1988
Russell Chrysler
Forrest Hall
Dorothy Hole
Malcom Renfrew
+ Class of 1987
Kenneth Hungerford
Ralph McBride
Hervon Snider
Margaret Walker
+ Class of 1986
Nancy Atkinson
Glenn Davis
James Lye
Alvin Weise
+ Class of 1985
Bernard Borning
Roland Byers
George Gagon
Esther Wilson
+ Class of 1984
Charles Decker
Mildred Haberly
John McMullen
Joseph Watts
+ Class of 1983
Alfred Dunn
Marian Frykman
James Kraus
+ Class of 1982
Dwight Kindschy
Chris Pederson
William Moore
+ Class of 1981
Carolyn Folz
Vernon Burlison
Elna Grahn
+ Class of 1980
Eric Kirkland
Elbert McProud
Robert Otness
+ Class of 1979
Kenneth Dick
James Martin
William Moore
  • To provide a means for continuing participation in professional, social, educational, and welfare activities of University of Idaho retired personnel.
  • To promote, or to assist in promoting programs relating to the conditions and concerns of retired University of Idaho personnel, recognition being given to the need of proper coordination with other organizations involved in similar endeavors.
  • To protect and improve the welfare of University of Idaho retired personnel.
  • To communicate, on behalf of the retired personnel of the University of Idaho, with representatives of the University, governments, and other groups relating to the welfare of retired persons and to seek official representation with such bodies on matters concerning retirement.
  • To encourage the high educational, cultural, and social purposes of the University of Idaho.
  • To encourage and assist deserving individuals who may wish to attend or continue attending the University of Idaho.