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Alumni Offices

Moscow Office

University of Idaho Alumni Office - Moscow
Physical location:
1212 Blake Ave.
Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3232
Moscow, ID 83844-3232
(208) 885-6154
(208) 885-6975 (fax)

Boise Office

University of Idaho Alumni Office - Boise
322 E. Front Street, Suite 390
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 364-4030
(208) 364-4084 (fax)

Statement of Shared Values

(adopted Oct. 24, 2002 ~ last amended and approved May 15, 2003)

  1. We represent that the University of Idaho Alumni Association exists for the sole purpose of providing service to the University of Idaho, alumni and friends. The Association provides this service through the Alumni Office with oversight from its board of directors. Given this connection, it is paramount that members of the Alumni Board of Directors and the staff of the Alumni Office conduct themselves with integrity and protect the reputation of the University and the Association.
  2. The unblemished character and good standing of each director is vital to achieve the desired objectives of the Association. Nevertheless, it is expected that, from time to time, issues coming before the board may produce a conflict of interest, financial or otherwise, with certain directors. Each director has an obligation to raise such a conflict with the full board and abstain from voting on any related matter.  Furthermore, the full board will take any action deemed necessary to ensure its perceived and real actions are fair and in the best interests of the Association.
  3. We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the institution that has given us so much. This can best be accomplished by representing the voice of alumni, by contributing to the University's strategic plan where appropriate, and continuing to build relationships with alumni wherever they may be located.
  4. We believe that it is our responsibility to support our alumni with services, programs, awards and facilities that help them continue to proudly identify themselves as alumni of the University of Idaho. We constantly strive to improve delivery of existing programs and find new and better ways to serve the University and our alumni.
  5. Recognizing the existence of other entities assisting the University, we will coordinate and maintain strong relations with these organizations whether in a leadership or supporting role.
  6. We recognize that proper funding is critical to the success of both the University and the Alumni Association. As such, both the University and the Association should share responsibility for oversight of the Alumni Office and for funding programs they administer.
  7. Current and potential students of the University will be tomorrow's Alumni Association members. They are the cornerstone to our future. As such, student/alumni relations must be nurtured with care and compassion. We will continue to work directly with students, faculty, the administration and other stakeholders to nurture this important relationship.
  8. Our most precious resource is our alumni. The dedication to the University by our alumni is greater than one finds in most other institutions of higher learning. We believe that with the support of our alumni, the University of Idaho can achieve any goal. To misrepresent or misuse information concerning our alumni or the University of Idaho would be unthinkable.
  9. We actively support the fundraising goals of the University as well as providing our alumni with an emotional bridge to their alma mater. If forced to choose, we would rather be friend raisers than fundraisers.
  10. Universities and their related Alumni Associations are, by nature, highly competitive. While we will continually strive to be the best in all we do, we must compete fairly and never denigrate other institutions to further our own agenda. This will only reflect badly on the University of Idaho and our Association.
  11. We believe that a financially healthy, focused and vibrant University of Idaho is required to maintain a successful Alumni Association. Although technically independent, the Association's fate is entwined with that of the University. If the needs of the Association and those of the University were ever at odds, we believe that the welfare of the University should come first.
To develop and strengthen lifelong relationships with alumni.  OUR VISION
  • To promote the vision and core values of University of Idaho’s historic land grant mission of teaching, research and public service
  • To enlist alumni talents in the preservation and promotion of image, tradition and pride
  • To serve as a catalyst for communications and involvement between alumni and the University of Idaho community