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Office Hours: Monday through Friday,
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Summer: May 19 to August 24, 2014
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Setting Up Your Accounts

Vandal Accounts

After registering for an ISI course, a Registration Confirmation Email will be sent to you with your receipt attached that includes your V Number (student ID) for the University of Idaho (UI). After receiving your Registration Confirmation Email, you must wait one business day before activating your accounts. To go through the initial setup process, you will need access to the telephone number or email address that you provided to ISI on your registration form. Take a few minutes to watch the instructional videos on How to Set up Your University Computer Account. Next proceed to the information below.

  • NetID
    The NetID (username) and password are used to access VandalMail, BbLearn and VandalWeb. The student V Number, which was provided in the Registration Confirmation Letter, will be used to establish your NetID. Typically the NetID is the first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your V number; for example: smit1234. View the instructions for creating your NetID password and accessing email. Once you have a NetID password, wait at least 15 minutes before trying to log in.
  • VandalMail
    Email is required for ISI students and proctors to ensure the receipt of important communications from instructors and ISI staff. VandalMail is the UI's student email system. An email account ending with will be assigned automatically at the time of registration and will remain active as long as the student is enrolled in an ISI course. A student can access this email on the web using a VandalMail address and NetID password. Email forwarding is available for students who prefer to use an email address other than VandalMail. See the video with instructions on How to Automatically Forward Messages.

    Students are held responsible for all information sent to them by email. Email addresses are considered directory information and will be kept confidential only if the student submits the Request to Restrict the Disclosure of Directory Information (Confidentiality of Student Records) form to the UI Registrar's Office. Visit the Office of the Registrar Forms, select Confidentiality Request.
  • BbLearn
    All ISI courses are delivered through BbLearn, which is the Learning Management System at the UI that hosts the course guide and other items essential to the course. In some cases, students may submit lessons through BbLearn. Please contact the ISI office if your course does not appear in BbLearn within three business days of the date of registration.
  • UI Library Resources
    Students must use their entire VandalMail address and the NetID password to log into the UI's Library databases.
  • VandalWeb
    VandalWeb is the UI's personal information system. You can review your student account information and review final grades and unofficial transcripts for courses sponsored through ISI by the UI. You can also update your personal contact information in VandalWeb; however, you should also notify the ISI office of changes by submitting a Student Information Update form.
  • Additional Resources
  • Troubleshooting - Students

    How do I reset/change my NetID password?

    If you get the error "The email address or password is incorrect," you may need to reset your NetID password. This page will accept an expired password. Once logged in, select the "Change Passwords" menu item.

    How do I reset my password if I cannot remember my old NetID password?

    If you do not know your previous NetID password, you can select the option to reset a forgotten password on the main login page. This will require that you receive a code at an email address or phone number associated with your student information. If you do not have access to a previous email address or phone number, you will need to contact the UI Help Desk to set your account to have the ability to use the option for resetting a forgotten password. This temporary setting on your account will be valid for 24 hours. Please be sure to update your security profile to include at least three questions and one verified contact.

    I am locked out of my email and BbLearn. What can I do?

    When attempting to log into VandalMail, if you do not see the words "University of Idaho Sign-In," you will need to delete email bookmarks and clear your browser cache by following the instructions in the YouTube video listed below under Additional Resources.

    Who do I contact if I need further assistance with my student accounts?

    Email the UI Help Desk. To speak with a Technical Support Representative call (208) 885-HELP (4357). Visit the Help Desk website for office hours. A list of Helpdesk tutorials are also listed under the "Additional Resources" drop down.
  • Troubleshooting - Instructors

    I have my V number. How do I set up my initial NetID password?

    1. Select "Click here to reset your password" at
    2. After the CAPTCHA page, type in your V number or NetID and click "lookup." 
    3. Select an option from the list to get a verification code, and then select "Send Code."
    4. Enter the six-digit code that was sent to your email/phone into the box shown.  
    5. Click "Continue" to go to a page that lists your NetID and password requirements.
    6. Scroll down to change your password.
    7. Go to "Security Questions" and setup your security profile. You can use these questions to reset your password in the future.
    8. You should now have a NetID password. Wait 15 minutes before trying to log in.

    Where do faculty and staff log into their UI email from off-campus?

    Faculty and staff can enter their email address (username) and NetID password to access email off-campus. See Outlook Web Access.