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Library Science

Library Science

The Library Science program is under revision, and until the new program is available, only ISI students who have already started the program can enroll in the library science courses listed below. Graduate-level library science courses require instructor permission to enroll. Contact the ISI office for instructor contact information.

The University of Idaho sponsors library science courses are only available through ISI. These courses are required for the Idaho Teacher Librarian K–12 Endorsement (formerly Education Media Generalist Endorsement (K-12).  Additionally, ISI offers courses applicable to the UI's library science teaching minor. Library science courses can also be taken for professional development.

The programs are as follows:

Teacher Librarian (K–12) 
Idaho certified teachers who are interested in school library and media positions and have a secondary, standard elementary, exceptional child, standard occupational specialist or advanced occupational specialist teaching certificate may earn a Teacher Librarian Endorsement (K–12) by taking library science courses through ISI. This endorsement requires 20 semester-hour credits of coursework leading toward competency as defined by Idaho Standards for Teacher Librarians to include the following: collection development/materials selection, literature for children and/or young adults; organization of information (cataloging and classification); school library administration/management; library information technologies; information literacy; and reference and information service; and meeting or exceeding the state qualifying score on the Praxis II Test 5311. In addition to the 20 credits of coursework, a three-credit practicum is also required. Departmental approval and approval of site are required for the practicum; it is approved after the majority of the required course work has been completed. View the Teacher Librarian Endorsement flyer.

When the coursework, practicum, and the Praxis II Test 5311 are completed, and if the student is completing an endorsement for Idaho, he/she must contact the Certification Officer at Undergraduate Programs and Certification, College of Education, University of Idaho, 875 Perimeter Drive MS 3084, Moscow, ID 83844-3084  for institutional recommendation signature approval for completion of requirements.  

These courses may be approved for endorsements in other states. Teachers outside the state of Idaho should check with their state’s Department of Education to determine requirements and to obtain written confirmation that ISI credits are acceptable for their state’s endorsement.

Library Science Teaching Minor for University of Idaho Students.

To obtain a teaching minor in library science, students must be admitted to the UI. The teaching minor in library science must total 24 semester-hour credits of coursework in the subject areas listed for the Teacher Librarian. Because library science is not a teaching field, the teacher-librarian must also qualify for a standard Idaho elementary or secondary teacher’s certificate. For more information about the UI Library Science program call the ISI office.

Students who enroll in a joint-listed library science course (an undergraduate and a graduate level course such as LibS 420/520) may only earn credit at the level in which the student initially completes the course. For example, a student who completes LibS 420 may not enroll in LibS 520. To read this policy, see the University of Idaho General Catalog, Part 3, General Requirements and Academic Procedures, B-Registration, B-12: Registration in Joint-Listed Courses.

LibS 420/520
Classification and Cataloging
LibS 421/521
Acquisitions & Collection Development in Libraries
LibS 422
Use of the School Library
LibS 423/523 Introduction to Reference Work
LibS 424 Information Sources on the Internet for Libraries
LibS 425/525
Organization and Management of Small Libraries
LibS 426 Information Literacy for the Library Media Specialist 
LibS 427 
Library and Media Center Practicum
LibS 428
Children's Literature for Librarians
LibS 429 Adolescent Literature for Librarians

Graduate level (500) library science courses can only be taken with instructor permission. Contact ISI for instructor contact information.