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Refer to the syllabus under each course for the course description, required and supplemental course materials, introductory course information, and lesson submission guidelines. (Please note: you must have the free Adobe Reader plug-in to view or print the syllabus.)

Engl 101: Introduction to College Writing
Engl 102: Research Writing
Engl 150: Introduction to Literature
Engl 277: American Literature I
Engl 278: American Literature II
Engl 317: Technical Writing
Engl 2257: World Literature I (Beginnings through 16th Century)
Engl 2258: World Literature II (17th Century to Present)
Engl 4476: Shakespeare

Engl 101: Introduction to College Writing (3 Credits, UI) 

Download the Engl 101 Syllabus

Engl 102: Research Writing (3 Credits, LCSC) 

Student Language Requirements

The following are acceptable as proof of English competency for placing students for whom English is not their primary language into Engl 102: Research Writing through Independent Study in Idaho. Students must do one of the following prior to enrollment:

  1. Complete ENGL 101 with a score of C or greater, and then enroll in Engl 102
  2. Produce evidence of a minimum placement score as outlined below:
    1. ACT ..............25-30
    2. SAT ..............570-690
    3. COMPASS.....95-99
    4. AP Exam……..3 or 4
    5. TOEFL…………100+ on the TOEFL (iBT) exam (100+ overall AND 28+ on the writing section)
  3. Produce an official transcript and course description showing student has passed an ENGL 101 equivalent course. 
Download the Engl 102 Syllabus

Engl 150: Introduction to Literature (3 Credits, LCSC) 

Download the Engl 150 Syllabus

Engl 277: American Literature I (3 Credits, LCSC) 

Download the Engl 277 - Syllabus

Engl 278: American Literature II (3 Credits, LCSC) 

Download the Engl 278 Syllabus

Engl 317: Technical Writing (3 Credits, UI) 

Download the Engl 317 Syllabus

Engl 2257: World Literature I (Beginnings through 16th Century) (3 Credits, ISU) 

Download the Engl 2257 Syllabus

Engl 2258: World Literature II (17th Century to Present) (3 Credits, ISU) 

Download the Engl 2258 Syllabus

Engl 4476: Shakespeare (3 Credits, ISU) 

Download the Engl 4476 Syllabus