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Office Hours: Monday through Friday,
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Summer: May 19 to August 24, 2014
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Monday, May 25, 2015

College Credit

College courses offered through ISI are approved by the curriculum committee of the cooperating institution sponsoring the course. Most colleges and universities, including the University of Idaho, have transfer credit limitations.

University of Idaho students working toward a degree are required to obtain signature approval from their academic dean and adviser in order to receive University of Idaho college credit for an ISI course. It is recommended that students at other institutions obtain signature confirmation that ISI credits will be accepted. A space is provided for this signature on the Registration Form in the ISI course catalog, or you may view and print the Course Approval Form online.

At the University of Idaho, ISI course credits are not included in the computation of a student’s grade point average (GPA). Independent Study in Idaho courses can be included in the 48-credit limit as delineated under J-5-b in the University of Idaho catalog. See the University of Idaho catalog for more information. Students at other universities may contact their registrar to find out if ISI course grades will be computed into their GPA.

The credit hours are semester hours and include the accrediting institution: UI-University of Idaho, BSU-Boise State University, LCSC-Lewis-Clark State College, and ISU-Idaho State University. The number of credits cannot be changed to meet special circumstances. All courses will be graded on an A through F letter-grade scale with the exception of Engl 101: Introduction to College Writing, which is graded P (pass) or F (fail).

Course Numbers
  • 100-299: lower-division, introductory-level college courses. 
  • 300-499: upper-division courses for advanced undergraduates. 
  • 500-699: graduate courses, designed for students who already have undergraduate degrees, or have received special permission to register.