Student Evaluations of Teaching

The student evaluation of teaching provides faculty members with information to assist them in the continuous improvement of their teaching and provides administrators with information they can use to counsel faculty about their teaching. The student evaluations of teaching are considered as a factor in judging the teaching component in third-year review, tenure and promotion, and salary decisions.

The evaluation consists of standard question about the quality of the course and the effectiveness of the instructor. The instructor has the opportunity to select from a set of questions to gather additional information from students in the evaluation process. Information on the process is provided at the following sites: 

Department administrators new to the role need to complete and submit a request for access form (included on the web site above) to access the summary data for the faculty with whom they work.

Faculty members are encouraged to gather periodic information on their teaching throughout the semester. The Formative Assessment of Teaching (FAsT) process has been developed to facilitate gathering information electronically using up to five rated items and five open ended items to gather formative information for the improvement of instruction. This system is available at the following site: