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Presidents Native American Council

President's Native American Advisory Council

Memorandum of Understanding
University of Idaho
President’s Native American Advisory Council

THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is entered into by and between the UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO (“University”) and the Native American tribal government’s signatory below (the “Signatory Tribes”).

WHEREAS, the University is a land-grant university whose mission encompasses efforts to reach out to deliver quality education to all citizens of the State of Idaho; and

WHEREAS, The University recognizes and affirms for itself established Federal policies under which Native American tribal governments are treated as distinct legal and political entities; with their own powers of self-governance and self-determination; and

WHEREAS, the University is fortunate to be situated geographically throughout Idaho and amidst many rich native cultures; and

WHERAS, the University and the Signatory Tribes wish to strengthen the relationships between them, and to improve the quality of education services and opportunities provided to Native American students at the University and enrich the overall learning environment for all students, faculty and staff;

NOW, THERFORE, the parties agree as follows:
  1. The parties’ herto affirm the establishment of the President’s Native American Advisory Council.
  2. The Council shall be comprised of the following members:
    1. Designees of each signatory tribe; tribal chairperson or his/her designee;
    2. The president of the University, or his/her designee;
    3. The Provost of the University, or his/her designee; and
    4. The Native American Tribal Liaison of the University, as Staff
  3. The Council’s mission shall be to promote tribal leadership that fosters unity and cooperation among Native American students, Signatory Tribes, and the University of Idaho. The Council advises the President.

  4. In carrying out its mission, the Council shall perform the following functions:

    1. Provide advice and counsel to strengthen the relationship between the University and the Signatory Tribes;
    2. Assist the University in seeking to strengthen the functions and services it is authorized to provide to Native American Communities;
    3. Promote a campus climate conducive to cultural competence and meeting the cultural needs of the Native American community at the University;
    4. Assist the University in its efforts to recruit and retain Native American students and faculty; and
    5. Advise the University on teaching, research and outreach efforts to enrich the learning environment for all students.

  5. The tribal members of the Council recognize and support the Native American Advisory Board (“Board”), a complimentary organization that provides feedback on development of curriculum, recruitment and retention of Native American students, support services and educational programs that serve the needs of area Native American tribes.  The membership of the Board shall include tribal educational leaders, and as further set out in the attached Board Structure document, which may be updated from time to time.  Any updates to the Board Structure document will be shared with the Council and appended hereto.

  6. The Council shall meet at least twice a year, once at a University of Idaho site, and once rotating among the participating tribal sites.

  7. Any signatory may invite other representatives of other tribal governments to the Council.  Any such new Signatory party must agree to participate fully in the Council’s work as outlined.

  8. This Council and its membership and functions may be altered or dissolved at any time upon recommendation of the Council to the University’s President.

  9. This Memorandum sets out terms for mutual cooperation to improve the University’s efforts by providing educational services to Native American populations, and to promote better understanding of Native American issues.  No portion of this Memorandum shall be construed to imply that any legal obligations exist among any of the signatories.

  10. This Memorandum supersedes previous MOUs between the University of Idaho and the signatory tribes regarding the same subject matter.

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